What's on 2019

Fast cars can always be made to go faster and clean cars can always be cleaner. 

We are very happy to announce that Sporting Bears Motor Club will be joining us again at TRAX Donington hosting its famous Dream Rides for show goers! 

Do you have an awesome performance car that you think could be award-winning? Here's your chance to prove it...

Every year we have dozens and dozens of incredible club displays at TRAX Donington, and it's only right that we reward the very best ones.

We love having the Lotus Drivers Club with us and we're delighted they're back for TRAX Donington 2019.

TRAX wouldn't be TRAX if it didn't give you the chance to get out on track, would it? 

Our ultimate German competition puts two of the most popular marques head to head in a fascinating Performance BMW vs. Performance VW competition. 

You don't have to be part of a car club to display your vehicle at TRAX!

We know how much you like battling against your mates at TRAX Donington and this year we've got something new - the TRAX Auto Test. 

2019 show news coming soon - keep your eyes peeled!